Civil-Structural Design Calculation Spreadsheets

Civil-Structural Design Calculation Spreadsheets

Civil-Structural Design Calculation Spreadsheets

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Civil-Structural Design Calculation Spreadsheets-Structural Calculation tool kit

Civil & Structural Engineering Spreadsheet Toolkit

1.       Structural Engineering Calculations
2.       Civil Engineering Calculations
3.       Beam Design-69 Spread sheets
4.       All Structural Section Tables
5.       Beam on Elastic Foundation Analysis-5 Spread sheets
6.       Concrete Design-24 Spread sheets
7.       Design of  Structural Elements-404 Spread sheets

(Analysis,Beam,Bar bending schedules, Bridge, Column,Drawing,Foundation,

Loading,Hydraulics,Prestress,RCC,RCC Design, Retaining wall, Section Properties,

Seismic,Soil Mechanics, SLAB Design,Stairs,Steel,wall)

8.     Estimation -12 Spread sheets
9.     Engineering Spread sheets-54 Spread sheets
10.   Footing Design-8 Spread sheets
11.   GoBeam
12.   International Lateral Loads
13.   Lateral Programs
14.   Masonry Design
15.   Slab & Pile design-55 Spread sheets
16.   Other Structural Spreadsheets-200 Spread sheets
17.   RC Stair design
18.   RCC-154 Spread sheets
19.   Response Spectrum Workbook
20.   Steel Design Spreadsheets-18 Spread sheets
21.   Structural Design Spreadsheets-54 Spread sheets
22.   Structural Tool Kit
23.   UBC Seismic Calculations-20 Spread sheets
24.   WS Beam-4 Spread sheets
25.   Abutment Column Design
26.   Analysis of Pile Groups with Rigid Caps
27.   Anchor Reinforcement
28.   Wind Analysis Program
29.   Axial load capacities of single plates
30.   Beam Investigation-2 Spread sheets
31.   Bored Piles Wall and Ground Anchors
32.   Bridge Concrete Deck Design
33.   Composite Column
34.   Eathquake Lateral Forces-2 Spread sheets
35.   Elastomeric Bearing Design
36.   Foundation Support of a Tank
37.   IBC 2006,2009 Calc
38.   Loads Beam Slab and Spread Footing
39.   Pile design
40.   Prestressed Girder Design
41.   REBARS-8 Spread sheets
42.   Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Columns
43.   Retaining Wall Design
44.   Sheet Piling
46.   Finite Element Method-19 Spread sheets
47.   Analysis of a sheet pilewall
48.   Analysis of Gabions
49.   Axial and Lateral Load Piles (FEM)
50.   Bearing Capacity
51.   Bore Pile Design
52.   Bored Pile Deep Foundation
53.   Cantilever retaining wall analysis
54.   Drained Strip Foundation
55.   Reinforced Retaining Wall Design
56.   Simple Geotechnics Calcs
57.   Soil Arching - Braced Excavations
58.   Wall Pressure Analysis
59.   Surcharge Poin Loads
60.   Surcharge Loads types
61.   Anchor Bolt anchorage
62.   Analysis of Steel Column Base Plate
63.   Base Plate analysis
64.   Bolted Connection Angle Brace Tension
65.   Deck Slab
66.   Design of anchorage for underground storage tanks
67.   Design of Moment Connection
68.   Weld calculation for built up beams
69.   Mast Design
70.   Design of Plate Elements
71.   Design of Moment Connection
72.   Load Combinations
73.   Method of Jet Grouting
74.   Monorail Design
75.   Roof Purlin Design
76.   Shear Lug Design
77.   WT Design
  .....and 400 more calculations group    

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