VIDEO TRAINING IS OUTDATED:::Reveal the Secret....

All want to be in news by writing controversial…
But I am here revealing myth and untold hidden story about world’s learning system ever…
Video Training is Outdated!!
Is it so…
How can you misguide people…?
Look at YouTube …. Billion/ trillion views per day…
Look at leading e-Learning breakthrough which has been set great by - private, - private, - private etc.…
Above companies earn million dollars and some approaching and crossed billion dollars business
Why people are so crazy about them…
The answer is no other option or Technology Available…till now
Yes I know all above fact and I was also running a company called Smart Learning Technologies (India) Pvt ltd which was established in 2012.I was working as a Chief Subject Matter Consultant and developed 30+ contents for them and was founder Director. We sold our concept to over 5000+ clients across world in 51 countries including India in 2 years 6 months’ time and did 50000000INR transaction (7,50,000 USD)
You tube is for entertainment and also you get some free video Tutorials and complete course as well.
But I want to ask you below questions:
Do you really see those Video Trainings are in line with your exact requirement?
Can you clarify your doubts?(Most people say and we used to say we have forum support and bla bla… and it’s scam…)
Can you relate those for application specific need?
Can you get career breakthrough those readymade Videos?
Can those videos SLOVE your Prpject and give it to you?
The Answer is No No No……
What about Class room Training??
Yes probably world’s 100% educated mass depends on Classroom Training/Lectures…
It’s Boring and not practical even though all Universities/Training centers adopt the conventional method..
Do you get chance to solve your 20 questions and innovative questions and satisfied??
Do you get sufficient time to frame your questions and pitch in front of your expert to get answers??
Any many more and limited to restricted knowledge pool. Isn’t it??
I know because of my domain knowledge and industry experience and typically corporate trainings and class room scenario Training experience..
I am talking about Next Generation Technology of Learning ….That’s Non-Linear Learning and people will be using in 2020,2030……so on
We are the creator and innovator of this Technology…
We will love to share more about how this is completely unique and World class and next Game changer and Next Generation Technology…

Pramit Kumar Senapati
R&D & Product Launch-VP-SmartLearningTechnologies(India) Pvt Ltd
Founder and Innovator-Non-Linear Training at MAC e-Learning Revolution Pvt Ltd