Become A JV Partner

Become A JV Partner

We are inviting Individuals & Companies to associate with us as our JV Partners to promote & sell our innovative range of CAD/CAM/CAE DVDs & USB PROTECTED License,Downloadable,Video Streaming.






A business needs to have the following:

  1. A Product or Service- You need to have a product or service to offer in the marketplace.
  2. Distribution Channel- How the product will reach the end consumer is the distribution channel.



Our Role

We have taken care of the 1st part of the above as the creator of the product which are video training DVDs. The following are our responsibilities as the parent company:

  • Course content preparation of video courses.
  • Recording of the courses.
  • Development of new DVD titles.
  • Advanced course modules development.
  • Improvisation of old DVD titles.
  • DVD Production.
  • Licensing of Video Training.
  • Technical support to end customer.
  • Online promotion of our DVDs.
  • Online promotion of Channel Partners.


JV‘s Role

Our JV partner’s role fulfills the 2nd part of the above & the responsibilities as a JVpartner would be:

  • Promotion & advertisement of CAD/CAM/CAE DVDs in colleges, companies or in computer training institutes.
  • Addressing the queries of the end customer.
  • Delivery of DVD/s to the customer.
  • Market Feedback to Smart Learning Technologies.

As we have taken care of all the hassles of product development, production etc. so the channel partner can focus solely on marketing & sales activities in their area of operation. This will enable to maximize the productivity as distractions related to product development & production have been eliminated.